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LimRic’s HVAC and Plumbing Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

Published: November 19, 2020
HVAC and Plumbing Tips for 2020 Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about having the family over for a traditional meal. In most cases, this is a thought to be cherished, but if you’ve ever had to enlist the help of emergency plumbing services because of the extra use, then you know that the holidays need a little preparation if you’re going to have a good time!

Luckily, it’s relatively easy to make sure that your HVAC system and plumbing are in a condition that will make the extra company easy to deal with.

Below are some tips you can implement now that will help minimize the risk of a holiday-time emergency.

Get an Inspection

You should always get your home’s systems regularly inspected to ensure that they’re in working order, but it’s a crucial aspect of preparing for the holidays. Having a professional look at your HVAC system will allow technicians to identify and correct potential problems that will make it harder for your system to keep everyone warm while giving thanks.

Similarly, it’s vital to look over your plumbing in detail because your plumbing will be getting significantly more usage during the holidays. Whether it’s in the kitchen where you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner or the bathroom, the last thing you’d need is to have a clogged or leaky pipe derail your holiday celebrations.

Protect Your Pipes

Leading up to the holidays, you should always address any clogged or leaky pipes; it’s something anyone would do the moment they noticed.

However, around the holidays, it’s vital to think about preventing a clog before it can arise. There are three main ways of preventing clogs:

  • Don’t put grease down the drain
  • Don’t use your garbage disposal improperly
  • Don’t flush non-biodegradable material down the toilet

It’s tempting to use your garbage disposal for things like pasta and vegetables, but introducing fibrous material into your garbage disposal is likely to jam the mechanism. In contrast, the pasta will solidify deep in your plumbing, causing a clog. You must take care to protect your plumbing before the holidays if you want to avoid any emergencies while celebrating.

Adjust Your Thermostat

The holidays are typically when people have guests over and connect with relatives they haven’t seen for a while. This holiday season will mean smaller groups, but it’s still worth adjusting your thermostat a little. Dropping your HVAC system’s thermostat will help relieve some of the work it has to do since you’ll already be warming your home through having company over and cooking.

For more tips on how to prepare your plumbing and HVAC system for the holidays or to get a quote for plumbing and heating pump maintenance services in Charleston, call the LimRic team today!

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