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Toilet leaks can quickly lead to high water bills and water damage on your floors. One of the most common areas where homeowners notice toilet leaks is at the base or the bottom of the toilet. 

There are a few issues you can check on your own, but if you’re unsure, it’s best to contact a licensed plumber. Here are the most common causes of toilets leaking at the base. 

Common Causes of Toilet Leaking at the Base

The most common causes of toilet leaks are a cracked toilet bowl, a worn wax seal, and deteriorated gaskets, bolts, or washers. 

Before you suspect a plumbing issue, check for these potential causes of leaks.


If you think your toilet is leaking, first check that the water isn’t condensation from the toilet itself. When cold water enters the toilet tank, it changes the surface temperature on the outside of the tank. If the weather is warmer or the air is warmer in your house, water can condense on the outer surface of the water tank. This water can then run down the toilet and onto lower surfaces.

Loose Bolts

Your toilet is fixed to the floor with two bolts that tighten the seal between the bottom of the toilet and a wax seal. If these bolts are loose, the seal between the toilet and the floor is less effective and water will escape under the pressure of flushing.

worn-toilet-wax-seal Why Is My Toilet Leaking From the Bottom?

Worn Wax Seal

If you’ve already tightened the bolts and water is still leaking, the wax seal ring underneath the toilet may have deteriorated. Some chemicals used to clean toilets can damage the seal.

Sometimes leaks are caused by a combination of loose bolts and worn wax seals. The good news is replacing the wax seal is not a difficult or expensive fix. 

Crack or Corrosion on the Base of the Toilet

If you remove your toilet from the base to inspect the wax seal, check the base for cracks or corrosion. A crack in the toilet bowl or tank can cause water to leak out from the base. Corrosion around the bolts or the base of the toilet can also lead to leaks. If you notice these issues, the toilet will need to be replaced.

Faulty Shut-Off Valve

worn-toilet-wax-seal Why Is My Toilet Leaking From the Bottom?

The shut-off valve is the small tap that allows the water supply to connect to your toilet. Like any tap or valve, it can begin to leak over time. 

To test if your shut-off valve is leaking, get a small cup or bowl and hold it under the shut-off valve. Turn the water supply off after flushing the toilet. If the tap is working, you’ll hear that the water supply has been cut off and your toilet will stop refilling.

If the valve is sealing properly, there should be no leakage. If the join or connection has become loose or the seal is damaged, you’ll start to see trickling water. Tightening the valve or replacing the seal should solve this problem. 

Get Toilet Repair & Emergency Plumbing Services From LimRic

If there’s water coming from under your toilet, you may have a cracked toilet. If you’ve also already checked for some of the most common causes of the bottom of your toilet leaking, it’s time to call a professional plumber. 

The plumbers at LimRic are highly trained and experienced in toilet repair and installation, drain and sewer line services, and more. Whether you suspect a toilet leak or need emergency plumbing services, contact us today.

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