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If you notice water under the hot water heater, it could come from nearby pipes or fixtures. Wipe up the water and examine the water heater itself. If you see wet fixtures on the unit or notice dripping coming from the bottom of it, that’s a sure sign the water heater is leaking. Call the plumbing experts at LimRic to resolve the issue and prevent skyrocketing utility bills!

Most Frequent Causes of Water Heater Leaking

There are numerous possible causes for a leaking water heater. Below are the most common:

1. Water Connections: The hot and cold water inlets or outlets are a common source. Fortunately, a certified plumber can fix it quickly. Our team will check the connections and tighten them to prevent further leaks. If any other repairs are required, such as a faulty pipe, we will discuss the best options for a long-lasting fix.

2. Relief Valve Problem: The pressure and temperature valve keep your water heater running optimally. This vital part monitors the temperature and pressure inside the water heater tank. When pressure builds up in the tank or the water overheats, the valve drains water out of the tank to prevent a dangerous situation. When it leaks, it usually drips down the side of the tank. We can replace or fix a faulty T/P valve or diagnose the cause of extreme temperature and pressure inside your unit.

3. Heater Drain Valve: All water heaters have a drain valve used to drain the tank for repair, cleaning, or disposal of the appliance. Other than these situations, the value remains closed at all times. If the valve becomes loose, you may be able to tighten it to resolve a leak. However, if the valve continues to leak after you close it, we may need to install a new valve.

4. Bottom of the Tank: A leak from the bottom of the hot water heater probably comes from the tank. This problem is due to a sediment buildup in the tank, which eats away at the metal lining. After a while, it begins to rust, and water leaks through the weakened tank bottom. Unfortunately, there’s no fix for this problem. It’s a sign that it’s time to replace your water heater.

Your leaking water heater could require a simple repair or replacement of the unit. If you notice a problem, call for water heater services Charleston residents trust. Ignoring the problem can result in flooding hot water that poses a risk to your home and safety. Contact us now to schedule service immediately!

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