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Everyone is guilty of sometimes wiping a countertop right into the sink now and again, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to use their drains as a catch-all for the by-products of a date night meal. But unless you want to start looking for professional drain cleaning companies for your Charleston home, you should pay careful attention to what you’re putting down your drain because it can lead to nasty clogs.

Here are some household items that you should keep as far from your drain as you can.


Any kind of grease – whether it’s cooking oil, bacon grease, or other types of lard – should be kept as far away from your drain as you can possibly get it.

While it may seem like grease would be a harmless substance to pour down your pipes because of its initial liquid state, it can cause some of the worst clogs your pipes will ever experience. The reason for this is that any grease you pour down your drain will often solidify once it’s inside. Even if it doesn’t create a solid block initially, you’ll find that the grease will coat the pipes’ walls over time. This grease buildup will catch hold of other debris getting washed down your drain and lead to a blockage that you can only remove if you get the help of a professional plumber.


You might think that because some foods are soft, they’re relatively safe to push down your drain. Unfortunately, if you try to wash pasta, rice, flour, or other starchy foods down your drain, you’ll end up with a problem.

Starchy foods are soft when wet, but they also absorb a lot of water even when they’re already cooked. When you couple this ability to absorb water with the way starch binds together, washing too much pasta, rice, or flour down your drains can quickly lead to your pipes becoming clogged.

Car Fluids

While it’s not a common connection between car fluids and your drain, some people do attempt to dispose of a car’s waste products through the use of their indoor sinks. However, it’s best to avoid putting car fluids down your drain for a variety of reasons. The two biggest reasons to avoid pouring car fluids down your drain, though, is that it can damage your plumbing and harm the environment.

For more on what you shouldn’t put down your drain or to get a quote for drain cleaning services in Charleston, call the LimRic team today!

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