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As a homeowner, there are many things that you already know can break in your home, and almost all of them can be expensive. However, the last thing you want to occur is to have a plumbing problem that requires a sewer line replacement for your Charleston residence. But how can you tell if the problem is a relatively minor plumbing issue or a severe sewer line issue?

There are a few different clues your plumbing will give you that you can use to tell that you’re experiencing a sewer line issue, but below are a few of the most readily recognizable.

Slow Drains

A slow drain is often one of the first signs of a blockage, but one slow drain is not necessarily the end of the world. In most cases, when a singular fixture like a sink or your toilet begins to drain a bit slower, that’s usually a sign of an issue with the fixture itself rather than the sewer line.

However, when the problem becomes a generalized one, you need to worry about your home’s sewer line. If every fixture in your house is draining slower than it used to, then you’re probably dealing with an obstructed sewer line.

Foul Smells

Your plumbing is designed to be airtight, which means that you should never be able to smell anything coming from your drains. However, when you begin to smell rotten eggs or even raw sewage from a drain, you should immediately seek a plumber’s assistance.

In extreme cases, cracks in the sewer line or a severe obstruction can force gas back into the home. It may start with just a single drain, but if it’s left unchecked, the entire house can be filled with sewage gas, which can be harmful.

Cracks in the Foundation

A damaged sewer line can create many plumbing issues that you want to avoid if you can, but it can also lead to more severe problems with your home’s integrity. If your sewer line is leaking, then the water can wear away at your home’s foundation, causing cracks to form at the base and along the walls of your home. In severe cases, it can even cause structural collapse if the sewer line problem is allowed to persist long enough.To find out more about the signs of a sewer line problem or get a quote for sewer line repair services in Charleston, call the LimRic team today!

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