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Spring is the best time to begin prepping your unit for the hard work it is about to perform in the summer heat. Utility bills will rise along with the temperatures, and it is important to make sure that your unit can handle cooling your home with ease. Take a look at the top four tips and tricks that will help you prepare your unit for the summertime!


  1. Clean Your Vents: It is important to clear your vents of any dust or debris that has collected overtime. Make sure that there is no visible blockage.
  2. Visually Check Your Unit: Pay your unit a visit and take a look at its surrounding. Make sure that there is no debris resting on the unit or close enough to be blown into the unit. Trim shrubs and tall grass that may get in the way of your unit performing effectively.
  3. Clean the Return Grills and Change the Filters: An easy way to clean out the return grills is to use your vacuum to remove any pet hair or dust that might have accumulated during the previous season. If you haven’t done so recently, change the filters, too.
  4. Check Your Coil Drainage Hose: Checking the functionality of your drainage hose will save you from a mess later on and will give you a good idea about how often you should check your drain throughout the season.
  5. Ask an Expert: Call your heating & air company to perform a proper inspection of your unit to check for any potential problems.


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