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Hard water is problematic in any home, and it’s a surprisingly common problem among homeowners. Hard water can cause many issues within your home and to your well-being. Hard deposits on and around fixtures, spots on glass shower doors, dingy clothing, foul-smelling water, dry or itchy skin after bathing, and more are all caused by a hard water supply.


Fortunately, there is a solution! A water softener system can be installed in your very own home or business. The cause of hard water is an abundance of common minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The minerals can damage your skin, appliances, and fixtures. By installing a water softener, you can remove the ions from calcium and magnesium by replacing them with sodium.


The benefits you can receive from using a water softener are endless. Installing a water softener will keep your clothes cleaner, make your water taste better, increase your appliance performance, and increase your water pressure.


Interested in improving the water quality in your home? We encourage you to give our team at LimRic Plumbing, Heating & Air a call at (843) 225-2665.

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