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At night when the outdoor temperatures drop, it’s important to maintain a warm, comfortable home. Of course, the heating system you install can make or break your family’s comfort.

If it’s time to replace your home heating system, you might wonder if you should install a furnace or heat pump. Furnaces are among the most popular heating systems for homeowners, but heat pumps have steadily gained traction over the years.

So, a heat pump or furnace: which is better for your home? You’ll need to consider a few factors before you make the big purchase. Let’s discuss these factors in more detail below!


First and foremost, it’s helpful to know how heat pumps and furnaces work. This way, you can better understand what to expect should you install one.

Simply put, a heat pump works much like an air conditioner and heating system rolled into one. These systems can heat and cool your home, so they can be used year-round. When placed on heating mode, a heat pump pulls heating energy from the outdoor air and sends it into your home. Heat pump systems can draw from various heat sources, such as the air, water, and ground.

When put on cooling mode, you can expect a heat pump to absorb the heat inside your home and transport it outdoors. As you can see, this means that heat pumps never actually generate heat or cool air.

On the other hand, furnaces do generate hot air. When the cold air inside your home enters the furnace, it will pass over a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger will raise the air temperature to fit your specifications.

Heat exchangers play a significant role in furnace heating cycles, but so do the blower fans. Your furnace’s blower fan is responsible for sending the heated air into your home for your family to enjoy.

It’s pretty clear that there are many differences between heat pump vs. furnace performance. Next, we’ll discuss another important topic among homeowners: energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

So, a heat pump or furnace: which is better for energy savings? When it comes down to it, heat pumps are known for being more energy efficient than furnaces because they generally use less energy.

As we mentioned above, furnaces generate heat while heat pumps transfer heat. It takes a significant amount of energy to create heat — which can lead to higher energy costs if you install a furnace.

Of course, energy efficiency can vary depending on the type of heat pump or furnace you install. For example, air-source heat pumps are considered less efficient than ground-source systems. This is because the temperature of the air fluctuates much more than the temperature of the soil in the ground.

In the same vein, gas furnaces are usually more efficient than electric furnaces because they use less energy to heat a space. This is especially true in extremely cold climates. If you’re looking for the most efficient heating system, gas furnaces and heat pumps are typically the best options.


When it comes to longevity, which is better: heat pump or furnace systems? You can expect these heating systems to have pretty similar life expectancies. For example, furnaces generally last between 15 to 20 years, and heat pumps can usually have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

As you can see, the average lifespan of these heating systems is 15 years. Perhaps it goes without saying, but you’ll typically get more use out of your furnace or heat pump if you remember to have it routinely maintained.

All-in-all, longevity isn’t really a factor in the heat pump vs. furnace debate. You’ll want to focus your attention on other factors — especially those that matter most to you. For instance, you might be more worried about the cost of installation.

Installation Costs

Now, you probably want to know the upfront costs of a heat pump vs. furnace. For the most part, heat pumps tend to be cheaper to install than their popular furnace counterparts. It’s also worth mentioning that a heat pump can replace your current heating and air conditioning systems, so you only have to worry about maintaining and replacing a single unit in the future.

Of course, the cost of installing a heating system can vary by situation. It’s important to ensure that your heating system is sized correctly for your home and heating needs. If you’re curious to know how much it will cost to install a heat pump in your home, don’t hesitate to call a local heat pump company near Charleston, SC, for more information.

Improve Your Home With a Heat Pump Installation!

Our heat pump vs. furnace discussion has officially come to an end. Hopefully, you now understand how these heating systems work and what you can expect from installing them.

So, which is better: heat pump or furnace systems? As you can see, the answer to this question will depend on your specific needs. You’ll want to review the factors listed above to find the right solution for your family.

If you’re ready to get started with a heat pump installation, turn to LimRic! We specialize in everything from heat pumps and air conditioners to HVAC repair in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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