Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Replacement in Charleston

One of our expert technicians performing a heat pump replacement for a client in CharlestonFrequently, a heat pump can be repaired to restore it to working condition. But just like any appliance in the home or vehicle in the driveway, there comes a time when your heat pump has reached the end of its service life and needs to be replaced. It’s important to note that the average life expectancy of a heat pump is 16-20 years. If your unit is older, we advise you to consider replacing the heat pump system altogether. A new heat pump installation comes with added benefits, including increased home value and decreased electric bills. If you suspect that it’s time to upgrade or otherwise replace your heating unit, the technicians at LimRic can inspect your heat pump and make informed recommendations in regards to replacing it if necessary.

Do I Need a Heat Pump Replacement?

Even a well-maintained heat pump of a certain age will run into problems. If any of the following below conditions apply to you, call in a professional to see if repair is an option or if you should start shopping for a heat pump replacement.


Unit blows air inconsistent to temperature settings

One of the most common problems in an older heat pump is that it simply doesn’t heat or cool effectively. Cool air production, when set for heating, can indicate a damaged heat pump compressor, which may prompt replacement. A heat pump compressor replacement cost is heavily dependent on a variety of factors, including heating unit size, speed offerings, and labor expenses.

Short cycling

If your heat pump turns on and off more frequently than usual, the unit may be malfunctioning. Short cycling puts added stress on your pump and will cause it to fail if not handled quickly.

Strange noises or smells

Minor noise changes may indicate the need for some repairs. However, if you pick up on a noise that’s out of the norm — such as grinding, grating, screeching, buzzing, or ticking, this could signify a serious problem that demands a heat pump replacement. The same goes for unusual smells. Foul odors could mean that your heat pump’s insulation has become damaged, or that the ductwork is moldy. Dirt, mold, or mildew inside the unit can circulate contaminated air throughout the home, potentially resulting in health issues.

Unit requires frequent repairs and is out of warranty

Has your heat pump become more trouble (and expensive) than you believe it’s worth? If your heat pump is continuously in need of mending and repairing aside from the usual service, you may have to call time on it. Replacing your heat pump may be the more economical and efficient option. If your unit needs complicated repair after its warranty expires, it’s a sure sign to consult your technician regarding a replacement heating unit instead of pouring money into an old one with a dwindling shelf life.

Contact LimRic for Heat Pump Services in Charleston Now!

When it comes to your family’s comfort, it’s imperative to turn to the team of heating professionals that’s served Charleston for over 50 years — LimRic. We don’t stop at heat pump replacement, though. We offer heat pump repair services and heating maintenance services to ensure that you get the most out of your HVAC system for the long haul. For more information about the cost to replace your heat pump’s compressor or to invest in a new unit altogether, contact our team today.

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