Patriot Air Cleaner

Pollutants such as mold, bacteria, allergens, and odor-causing VOCs can be spread by the air system throughout the home. Fortunately you can now make your air system an ally in the fight against indoor air pollution. Patriot PCO Connect allows the air system to respond to real-time changes in indoor air quality even when the heat or AC isn’t on.


1. Real-time monitoring of air quality

2. Works with most “smart” thermostats

3. Whole – house air purification


Foobot measures carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter in indoor air. When poor quality air is detected the light changes from blue to orange and a signal is sent to your Wi-Fi thermostat which puts the air system into circulation mode.

Clean the air in your home with the Patriot PCO. It combines UV-C light with activated carbon cells for comprehensive whole-house air purification. Patriot PCO is ozone-free and is proven effective against VOC odors and microbial contaminants. Patriot PCO purifies all the air in the house when the air system is in circulation mode.



Protect Your Home With 3 Technologies

  1. A Foobot air quality sensor measures air quality. Current and past air quality can be viewed in the Foobot App.
  2. A Foobot compatible Wi-Fi thermostat controls temperature and circulates air when poor air quality events are detected.
  3. The Patriot PCO Whole House Air Purifier cleans the air by neutralizing biological and odor/VOC contaminants.


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