How To Catch A Leak Before Major Damage Occurs

Many times, your home or plumbing system will show signs of a leak long before there’s a puddle in the middle of your floor. If you know the signs to search for, you can catch a leak when it’s small and prevent costly repairs. Take a few minutes each month to thoroughly check your house for these warning signs.

  1. Small Water Spots on the Walls and Ceilings
  2. Weak or Overly Damp Ground in the Yard That’s Not Caused by Rain
  3. Reduced Water Pressure
  4. A Mildew Smell
  5. Small Cracks in the Foundation
  6. An Increased Water Bill
  7. The Sound of Water Dripping

It’s always best to catch a leak early by watching for these signs. If you see any of them, don’t hesitate to call a trusted, fully trained technician from LimRic Plumbing, Heating & Air at (843) 474-2401 to repair your home’s pipes.