Four Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Bill This Summer

Summertime is here and temperatures are rising, but that doesn’t mean your electric bill has to rise, too. Save money and live efficiently this summer with these four tips to reduce your electric bill.

  1. Close the blinds. The sun can heat up a room rapidly. Keeping the sun from shining directly through your windows will cut down on cooling costs.
  2. Use air conditioning efficiently. Before leaving the house, set the thermostat to 76 or higher. If bearable, turning off the air conditioning at night when it’s cooler is also more energy efficient.
  3. Opt for energy-saving products. Using energy-efficient products, like tankless water heaters, will drastically reduce your energy bill.
  4. Plant shady trees. For a more long-term solution for cutting down summer energy costs, trees that provide shade to your home will reduce cooling costs.

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