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Consider Water Softening in North Charleston, SC to Avoid These Dangers!

May 27, 2016

Hard water—just mentioning the term can send a shiver up the spine of any homeowner who has experienced the hardships it can bring. Hard water includes an abundance of minerals like magnesium and calcium that, while not bad in small increments, can damage your appliances, fixtures, and personal belongings. You may have even reach the point where you’re spending money on replacing these possessions much sooner than you anticipated. Fortunately, there is one way to put a stop to the mayhem, thanks to water softening in North Charleston, SC.

A water softening system can eliminate any magnesium or calcium from your water supply by replacing them with levels of sodium. It guarantees healthier, and thus more effective, water for all purposes. LimRic is more than happy to get you on board thanks to our selection of water softening. The health and safety of our customers is atop our list of priorities, and it’s our water softening systems that help us achieve that goal!

How Can Water Softening in North Charleston, SC Help You?

Though it may not seem like an immediate threat to life in your home, hard water can bring several unforeseen dangers. Please call LimRic for water softening that will help you avoid:

  • Skin or Eye Irritation: You may find yourself itching and scratching a bit more every time you take a shower using hard water. Exposure to hard water can result in skin and eye irritation that can bring you varying levels of discomfort. If you’re someone who enjoys relaxing morning showers, you need water softening to keep it that way.
  • Spotty Dishware: It can be frustrating having to wash your dishes over and over again, only to find that spots can’t seemingly go away. This will occur quite often when you allow hard water wreak havoc no your home. Water softening will ensure those dishes remain spotless and ready to use for your next meal.
  • Dingy Clothing: Washing clothes with hard water will make you feel uncomfortable, every time you put on your favorite shirt. Hard water can make clothing stiff to the touch. As strange as it sounds, water softening systems can actually soften not only just water, but your clothes too.
  • Lesser Fixture Performance: Since hard water can damage your fixtures, you will notice they won’t be able to perform to the best their abilities. This includes faucets, sinks, showers, or really just about any appliance that uses water. Don’t risk having to spend money on replacement and instead get water softening to keep your fixtures working properly.

If you want any of this trouble, please call LimRic today for water softening in North Charleston, SC. We can help you live comfortably in your home!


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