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7 Questions to Ask Before A Furnace Installation This Fall

September 9, 2016

If you are tired of your furnace costing you too much money on energy bills, making cough due to poor indoor air quality, and generally not performing up to the level of quality you need to stay warm, then this may be the important article you read for the upcoming fall, especially if your are considering a new furnace installation. Here’s why:

Now that summer is approaching its end, the weather is soon to cool down and perhaps you want furnace replacement so you are not stuck in the cold this fall and winter. If your furnace is older, you may want a new system to avoid the hassle of repeated breakdowns later in the year. Or perhaps you are moving into a new home, where your current heating system cannot quite meet your heating needs. Either way, you need to do whatever it takes to ensure your comfort before the temperatures start dipping below freezing, for the sake of your family’s comfort and your own.

When you are looking for a new furnace installation, LimRic should be your number-one choice for all of your heating needs. We have a team of licensed heating experts who can replace your that old system in your home quickly so you are not spending a single moment longer without heat. We can then install a new, modern furnace from top brands so you are guaranteed long-lasting, high-quality heating performance for many years ahead! If you are doubtful over your furnace’s chances of surviving, you can call us for new furnace installation at any time.

7 Things to Consider Before A New Furnace Installation

Some homeowners will jump into the furnace installation process without considering what they really need in order to secure their comfort. After all, how do you really know when the time is right for service? The next time you find yourself unsure over whether replacing your furnace is the right move, you should ask yourself any of these 7 questions:

  • Is your furnace making loud noises? If your furnace begins to make a wide range of noises, you be concerned immediately. While it may only require a few simple repairs to fix them, they may also indicate a much more serious problem that will require full-on replacement. Getting a new furnace in this situation will save you from the hassle of these noises from growing worse and preventing you from enjoying a peaceful fall and winter.
  • Are you smelling gas in your home? Nothing can compare to the scent of fresh fall air, but your home may instead smell like gasoline. Always check your furnace first in this situation. A furnace will usually emit gas during its first time in operation. However, if the gas smell continue long after its first use, it may be a sign of a serious problem that could both harm the environment and greater your carbon footprint. Replacing now will save you from trouble and land you with an efficient, more environmentally-friendly heating system.
  • How old is your furnace? Today’s furnaces can last you up to 20 years. That is two whole decades of high-quality, energy-efficient heating. However, as it draws nearer to its twentieth birthday, you may want to consider replacing it so you avoid having to deal with constant system breakdowns throughout the fall and winter. Persisting with that old system will only allow for your spending on repair and maintenance service to increase. But thanks to modern furnace from LimRic, you are guaranteed to keep some money in your pocket.
  • Is your furnace frequently cycling between on and off? So your furnace turns on, and then it turns off. Then it turns on again, and then it turns off again. What is happening? Well, your furnace’s frequent cycling may have something to do with the fact that the components within the system are in need of replacement. However, instead of going out of your way to repair or replace, you may want to consider replacing the furnace altogether for more consistent heating for the colder months.
  • Is your furnace costing you too much on bills? Once your furnace stops working properly, you may notice the costs on your energy bills skyrocket. This is mainly because the furnace will work even harder to produce warm air, resulting in increased energy consumption. If these energy bills are proving too costly, it is time for you take action in replacing that furnace once and for all. There are plenty fun fall activities for you to gear your savings toward; trying to pay off heating bills should not be one of them.
  • Is your thermostat working? One of the most unfortunate things you can experience this season is trying to turn up your thermostat, only discover that it doesn’t work anymore. Since it is responsible for setting your home at a temperature that will satisfy your comfort needs, getting stuck with a broken thermostat can greatly take away from your home comfort. However, don’t replace it just yet. It may have something more to do with the furnace itself. Call a professional at LimRic to further inspect the problem before making any purchases. One of our technicians will be able to determine whether the
  • How is your indoor air quality? So you notice your family is falling ill and that you are finding it difficult to catch a decent breath in your own home. Your first action should be to inspect your furnace before anything else. When a furnace stops working, it will allow dust and bacteria to filter into your home. Long-term exposure to these air contaminants will result in you experiencing serious breathing and respiratory problems. When your family’s health is on the line, you need to do whatever it takes to ensure they are not taking trips to the hospital due to a faulty furnace. Replace the system to keep your home warm and improve indoor air quality.

Contact LimRic today for high-quality furnace installation that will provide you with a new heating system designed to keep you warm and save you long-term money!

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