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How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality in Charleston Before the Winter Ends?

February 24, 2016

In just a matter of weeks, the birds will be chirping, flowers will be blooming, and any traces of snow will soon be no more. Spring will show its beautiful face and you can wave goodbye to the days of relying upon your heating system to pull you through a bitterly cold evening. But the temperatures won’t be the only thing on the rise; air quality will pick up significantly too. Fresh air will filter through Charleston and gone will be the low levels of humidity that can make the winter air so dry!

This time of year is also perfect for improving indoor air quality in Charleston so you and your family can sulk in the ides of March without a problem, and the team at LimRic is here to show you how  to do that before the winter ends! After all, we do still have some wintry weather ahead in the month ahead, which is why is better to prepare early so you can enjoy spring when the season begins. When you’re looking for tips on indoor air quality in Charleston, you can always contact our team of experts!

Indoor Air Quality Tips from Our Team

Want to ensure you’re breathing in fresh air in your home? Please take note of the following tips:

  • Use Herbs & Living Plants: Grow herbs like basil, mint, and thyme on your window sill. Since you’re not opening your windows for fresh air as often, your home can develop a musty smell that will put off any houseguests. Houseplants are also great in eliminating any contaminants in the air. They can add a healthy dose of oxygen to your home that will keep air breathable.
  • Change Furnace Filters: Winter may soon come to an end, but you still need to maintain your furnace! Regularly changing your furnace filters is an important step in that process. They can become overwhelmed with dirt and debris, but changing them regularly to keep any filth away from indoor air.
  • Invest in a Humidifier: Exposure to winter’s dry air can lead to skin irritation, nose bleeds, and even your wooden furniture cracking. A humidifier is your best bet this season as it will keep a steady flow of moisture in the air that will ensure better overall comfort. You can contact LimRic if you wish to install a system in your home.
  • Regular Cleaning: Regular dusting and sweeping will keep dirt and debris from stuffing up the air. Plus, it will also make your home look better, especially when dust buildup is hanging out in various areas of your home.

Contact LimRic today if you want indoor air quality in Charleston that will keep you healthy and comfortable!

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