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6 Ways to Avoid Heating Service Scams

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December 7, 2016

Heating service is an absolute must at this time of year. Since we’re now entering the coolest time of year, you will need to ensure your home’s protection against any frigid temperatures. If your heating system isn’t working up to standard, you need to make sure it’s fixed by a professional immediately. However, during your search for heating service, you may come across a heating contractor who isn’t everything they appear to be. They may at first seem like all smiles and promises, but you hire them only to discover they’re scam artists who are looking to make more money than prove you with heat. While there is no denying that heating systems need to be in solid working order, but faulty repairs could potentially make your heating system unsafe. It may pose a fire hazard and if your hired contractor is not looking carefully for frayed wires or other signs of wear, it could come back to haunt you. Low quality repair work can also bring trouble. Unqualified contractors could easily damage parts slightly, meaning they would breakdown later down the road and make you spend more on emergency heating repair. Installation may prove difficult as well. An improperly installed system may result in frequent breakdowns and poor efficiency. Hiring a scam service can be unfortunate, but it is avoidable and you need learn how before you hire the wrong contractor.

Why Should You Call LimRic for Service?

At LimRic, we pride ourselves on honest, trustworthy heating service that will ensure your 100% satisfaction. Our team of heating contractors always go the extra mile for homeowners during the winter to ensure they remain comfortable. We offer a wide range of heating services like installation, repair, replacement, and even a quick maintenance check-up. All of our services are high-quality and are done with our incredible customer service. We make your needs the number-one priority and listen to your concerns closely to ensure you are getting the heating service just right for you. Once you receive our service, you will be happy you made the call. Our work ensures greater long-term savings on repair and replacement. You’ll even save money on energy bills due to improve system efficiency. Best of all, you can stay relaxed knowing your family is kept warm throughout the entire winter.

6 Tips for Avoiding Heating Service Scams

There are several warning signs you can pick up when you sense an HVAC service isn’t legitimate. Scam HVAC services exhibit common traits that makes it generally easy to sense they’re simply trying to make money off you, so it’s best to take note of these 6 tips:

  1. Ask for Replaced Parts: One common trick used by scammers is saying they replaced parts in your heating system when, in fact, they didn’t replace anything at all and still want to be paid for the work. Always ask to see the replaced parts upfront. It may turn out they’re telling the truth, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  You certainly don’t want to get stuck with an old, failing heating system under the belief it’s been upgraded.
  2. Get Written Estimates: Always get estimates in fine print. You have every right to know how much you will be paying for heating service, and having paperwork will ensure that payment is finalized. If a contractor is hesitant to get anything down in writing, you should definitely seek service elsewhere.
  3. Get a Second Price: Are you feeling like a contractor is offering you too high a price? Then you should get a second opinion from another contractor. Having two prices will give you a better understanding of the average. If the first contractor’s price is well above average, you should consider going with another contractor.
  4. Be Cautious of “Free” Tune-Ups: Some local heating companies will offer a “free” tune-up as a way for you to buy into a service that you don’t even need. Though some contractors will actually offer a free furnace tune-up, you should always proceed with caution.
  5. Avoid Offers of Frequent Tune-Ups: You will only need a furnace tune-up once a year, as it will be enough to fix any issues and ensure your system will be able to work for the next 12 months. However, some scammers will try to offer quarterly tune-ups just to make more money off you. Avoid at all costs.
  6. Avoid Offers to Replace Parts with Used Ones: Immediately turn down any offer from a contractor involving replacing the furnace parts of your current heating system with used ones. Used parts will only harm your system’s efficiency and lead to frequent breakdowns making you call for repair.

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Contact LimRic today if you want to avoid scam services and stay warm with our highly reliable heating service!

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