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Heating Contractor Tips to Preventing Carbon Monoxide

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December 30, 2016

A heating contractor will be readily available this winter to provide you with more information on the various heating hazards you need to avoid throughout the season. If you want to keep your entire family safe this winter, your first thought may be to turn on that heating system so they remain protected from the season’s coldest weather. However, allowing your heating system just to run won’t be enough. You need heating that’s safe and efficient. Home heating fires are much more common during the winter than any time of the year, and it’s usually due to unsafe heating practices. But even if home heating fires are one of the biggest causes of concern for homeowners during the winter, it’s not the only problem they should concern themselves with. There is also the threat of carbon monoxide, a harmful yet odorless gas that may leak out of your heating system. Exposure to carbon monoxide may lead to serious illness, a loss of consciousness, or even death. The fact that it’s practically invisible makes matters even worse and if your home isn’t equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, it will filter throughout your home without you having a clue. Fortunately, there are still ways you can avoid exposure altogether, and it may be easier than you think!

How Can a Heating Contractor from LimRic Help You?

At LimRic, we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you have safe, reliable heating lasting you the entire winter. Our licensed heating technicians are readily available to provide service that will meet any of your heating needs. If it means your family gets to stay warm and comfortable throughout the entire season, then you can expect us to go the extra mile. If we find your furnace is too much of a danger to keep in your home, you can count on us to conduct furnace replacement quickly and ensure you have a heating system from one of the top brands in the country like American Standard. Any heating contractor from LimRic will ensure your needs are the prime focus, so feel free to ask any questions you may have on home heating and you can expect a satisfactory answer. With our help, we won’t only just guarantee you avoid home heating hazards; you will also see better property value that will make your home one of the most wanted on the block. Home buyers will be much more likely to take another look a home where prevention methods are put in place to ensure carbon monoxide exposure isn’t a possibility. Above all else, our work will make your home a more relaxing place to live, so you will have a better chance of experiencing a stress-free winter.

6 Ways to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Exposure

So, just how can you prevent the possibility of harmful gasses leaking out of your system? Well, if you follow these 6 tips, the threat of carbon monoxide will be kept far away from your home throughout the remainder of the season:

  1. Install a carbon monoxide detector: No home is complete without a carbon monoxide detector. It’s the most successful method of prevention. This device is plugged into an electrical outlet and will make a shrill noise once it detects problems with your heating system. Since it turns on immediately upon carbon monoxide detection, you will be able to lead your family to safety immediately.
  2. Call for furnace maintenance once a year: You should call LimRic once a year for furnace maintenance, ideally before winter begins. A heating contractor from LimRic will inspect your furnace to ensure it is clear of any problems and that combustion gases are being properly vented away your home. One quick check will extend the lifespan of your system and improve its efficiency so you save money on energy bills.
  3. Only buy gas equipment from a national testing agency.Make sure that the stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers and furnaces you install in your home are safe my only buying those that have been approved by a government testing agency, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  4. Look out for a yellow flame in your pilot light: If your gas furnace is designed with a pilot light, as many units made before the late 1990s are, it’s important to keep an eye on the color of the flame. Though a blue flame will indicate a steady balance of gases in your system, a yellow flame is indicative of carbon monoxide and you should call for furnace service immediately.
  5. Call for a chimney sweep: Sometimes all it takes is a good chimney sweep to keep your home safe. Creosote and other contaminants can build up within the heating system and heighten the risk of carbon monoxide. You should call for a chimney sweep once a year to prevent buildup from turning into a life-threatening situation.
  6. Don’t heat your home with an oven: Your oven should only be used for heating up food this winter and that’s it. Plenty of homeowners today still think using an oven as a heating source is acceptable, but what they don’t realize is that it only increase chances of a home heating fire and may result in a carbon monoxide leak.

Don’t Get Stuck Living In A Dangerous Situation – Schedule A Service With One Of Our Technicians To Avoid Heating Hazards In Your Home

Contact LimRic today if you want to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide exposure with help from our heating contractor!

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