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3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in North Charleston, SC

heat pump repair in north charleston, sc
April 4, 2016

Having a heat pump in your home can be a great way to cut down on energy bills and boost your home’s efficiency. By transferring hot or cool air throughout the house, your heat pump help keeps an even and comfortable temperature in your home while saving you the burden of extreme energy costs. Keeping up with the maintenance of this pump, however, is something homeowners need to be aware of as the unit begins to age. Below, we have listed the 3 top signs that means you may require heat pump repair in North Charleston, SC.

  1. Strange Noises: Your heat pump should be a quiet and effective appliance. If it’s making any noises, it may be time to look into heat pump repair in North Charleston, SC. Unusual noises could be caused by issues within the motor of the unit, something not easily fixed a DIY job. Having a professional inspect your heat pump is the right call if the unit is making strange and usual sounds in your property.
  2. Poor Efficiency: Problems with refrigerant, such as a refrigerant leak, can lead to issues in efficiency in your heat pump. These issues come along with age, and proper maintenance of your heat pump can help prevent them. If you do feel the efficiency is low on your heat pump and suspect it’s a refrigerant leak, call in a professional for heat pump repair.
  3. It’s Simply Not Working: A non-working unit is the most obvious sign there is something amiss. If your heat pump isn’t working at all, or the cycle times are off, it’s definitely time to call in a professional for heat pump repair in North Charleston, SC. If the unit is simply having issues with the cycling of turning on and off, the issue may be as simple as necessary filter replacement. Otherwise, the problem is likely something much larger, and will require a professional’s trained eye for proper diagnosis and repair.

Like any household appliance, a heat pump requires proper maintenance in order to keep working in peak condition. Being aware of the signs of necessary maintenance can help you keep your heat pump in working order all year round. For any and all situations where you need heat pump repair in North Charleston, SC, call LimRic.

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