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6 Questions to Ask Before Furnace Replacement

Heating technicians may use these during a furnace replacement
November 8, 2016

A furnace replacement should be atop your list of priorities at this time of year. Some chilly temperatures are on their way soon, and you need to make sure you are fully prepared for all of it. If your current furnace has aged past 15 years, or you are experiencing frequent system breakdowns, you need to replace it with a brand new system so you can remain comfortable in your home. Keeping that old, faulty heating system in your home can be costly, especially when the United States Department of Energy reports that heating makes up more than half of your home’s energy budget. However, though you need a furnace immediately, you also need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. All too often, homeowners will run out and purchase the nearest heating system they can find. This leaves them in a worse position than ever before, as buying the wrong furnace may lead to plenty of other problems. You may continue to experience furnace breakdowns, doubling your costs on furnace maintenance services. Worse, you may not have enough heat to sustain your household during the coldest nights of the year. If you want to avoid these troubles, take installation into consideration first before you do anything.

Why You Should Call LimRic for High-Quality Service

LimRic should be your first choice for heating service this season. We want to see you with a furnace that will keep the whole family comfortable, so our team of heating contractors are more than willing to go the extra mile for you. We offer furnaces from the top brands like American Standard, Trane, Rheem, and more. But before you throw any money done on the table, we will consult with you beforehand to ensure you are getting the furnace just right for your home. From there, we will replace it quickly so you have new, improved heating in no time. Thanks to the help from our contractors, you can expect greater savings throughout the colder months on furnace services, and enjoy a longer-lasting heating system that you won’t have to worry about replacing for years. A quick phone call to LimRic is a guarantee that you will experience greater savings both in the long and short term.

6 Questions to Ask Before A Furnace Replacement

Before you have a system installed, you also should always ask yourself a few questions to ensure you are choosing the right system. With that in mind, here are 6 you should be asking to ensure you are getting your money’s worth:

  1. What Brand of System Should You Install? At LimRic, we offer the latest brands like American Standard, Rheem, and Trane. Though each brand offers their own benefits, you should do research to ensure you pick the right brand of furnace for your home. Feel free to read customer reviews and look out for product recalls so you know what systems are to be trusted or avoided.
  2. What is the System’s Efficiency? You can compare energy-efficient systems by looking at their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), which will measure how efficiently a furnace uses its fuel. Requirements will differ depending on where you live in the country. Gas furnace models in northern states in the county need a 95% AFUE or greater, and those in southern states must have an AFUE rating of 90% or higher. The higher the AFUE, the more money the furnace will save you on energy bills.
  3. How Much Space Do You Have in Your Home? Even if you think you found the perfect furnace, it may not fit in your home, resulting in even more setbacks including greater spending on furnace repairs. You may even have to spend a few thousand dollars more on a furnace replacement in the near future. Fortunately, a heating contractor from LimRic will inspect your home and conduct measurements to ensure you are getting a properly-sized system.
  4. What Areas Need the Most Heat? Your furnace shouldn’t be used to heat rooms of your home not in use, as that can be a huge waste of energy. Ask our heating contractors about a furnace’s zoning abilities, which can heat separate areas of your home in zones. You can expect a more consistent level of comfort, since the zoning will give heat to the rooms of your home needing it the most.
  5. How is Your Indoor Air Quality? You may begin to notice the members of your household suffering from allergies due to indoor air quality issues such as mold, mildew, pollen and dust. Your older furnace may contribute to this somewhat by becoming less effective in removing dust and other allergens from the system, allowing for air contaminants to filter through the air.  If you notice the members of your household beginning to fall ill on a regular basis, it’s definitely time to upgrade your system, even if just to significantly improve your indoor air quality.
  6. How Have Your Heating Needs Changed? There is a good chance your last furnace purchase over 10 years ago, meaning a lot has changed in your home since. You may now have a few children in your home, or even have an elderly parent now living with you. The layout of your home may have also changed. Any new additions should also be taken into consideration, as you may have more areas to heat now. You need to consider what furnace will be able to meet all of these needs. A small furnace won’t cut it in a situation like this.

Ensure Your Home Is Warm And Comfortable This Winter – Schedule A Furnace Replacement Today

Contact LimRic today if you want new, improved heat in your home this fall thanks to our quick furnace replacement!

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