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Charleston Heat Pump Services


With another winter looming, everyone is scrambling to find ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. At Lim Ric, our customers are always looking for ways to beat the winter weather and still save money. One of most common answers these days is, of course, heat pumps. For the uninitiated, a heat pump is a type of home heating system that uses a low amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source,” like the ground or air, and into a “heat sink,” like your home. This device takes preexisting heat in the air or ground outside your home and captures it for your personal use.

Benefits of Having a Heat Pump

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps can be a highly useful and energy efficient method of indoor temperature management across all climates. When it comes to energy efficiency, you just can’t beat heat pumps. Unlike other combustion based heating systems, heat pumps simply transfer heat rather than burn fuel to create it. In fact, most heat pumps are typically a little greener than a gas burning furnace.

…But What Happens When Something Goes Wrong?

Well, that’s natural. They’re an efficient and useful way to heat your home, but like everything else sometimes things just happen. But that’s why we’re here. We fix any problems you might be having with your heat pump, along with installing and servicing them whenever you need.

Be on the lookout for some of these common heat pump problems so you know when to call the professionals here at Lim Ric:

  • Increased noise levels
  • No heat or low heat
  • Air pressure fluctuations
  • Frozen pump

At Lim Ric, our job is to immediately repair any problem you’re having in the most cost-effective way possible. Call us any time!

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