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UV Lamps

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps provide the ultimate in high tech air purification support. UV lamps are sleek, silent, and highly effective in keeping air fresh and clean. Many air conditioning systems are particularly moist places to in which mold and bacteria tend to thrive. This is in part why consistent air conditioning maintenance is so important.

In conjunction with frequent air conditioning maintenance, UV lamps present an alternative way to provide consistently clean air. The ultraviolet light penetrates and destroys mold and mildew before it permeates throughout your home or business.

Symptoms of a Moldy Air Conditioning Unit

  • Allergies acting up
  • Foul odors
  • Blocked air flow
  • Low air pressure

All of these could be signs that there is mold or bacteria collecting in your air conditioning system.  Unfortunately, this is not only an inconvenience that could be potentially damaging to your air conditioning unit, but it also influence poor health.  Air conditioning units, meant to cleanse air, could actually be spreading mold and air born viruses throughout your home or business.  We believe that air conditioning systems should help keep all indoor air clean and breathable—they should not have the opposite effect!

Installed UV lamps are one more way to ensure the ultimate in safety against this possible mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup.

Advantages of UV Lamps

  • Silence: UV lamps are absolutely silent.  They are easily installed inside your AC unit and left alone to efficiently do their work.
  • Minimize bacterial growth: UV lamps go to work at killing and minimizing bacterial and mold growth, particularly on evaporator coils where moistness tends to gather most.
  • Persistent purification: Once installed, UV lamps never stop working—they continue to purify non-stop 24-hours a day.
  • Easy installation: UV lamps are small and can be quickly installed to begin working for you sooner.

Global Plasma Solutions

One of our favorite air purification systems that we offer here at Lim Ric come from Global Plasma Solutions. Their systems are low maintenance and easy to set up. Check out these videos for more information:

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