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Ask Our Charleston Heating Contractor: What Heating Mistakes Should You Avoid This Winter?

February 16, 2016

Despite Punxsutawney Phil’s prognostication a few weeks ago, chances are we in Charleston will still need our furnace and heating appliances for at least another month or so more. We are also well aware that utility prices are on the rise. That’s why it’s important to avoid common heating mistakes that could be wasting your hard earned money. Just follow a few tips from your local, Charleston heating contractor, LimRic, and you’ll help keep your family nice and toasty regardless of the weather.

Firstly, check the doors and windows in your Charleston home for drafts. Cold air will find its way in anyway it can. A centimeter of extra space between your front door and the floor can equate to a noticeable energy loss. Once you’ve plugged up or sealed drafty doorways and windowpanes, check your attic and basement. Again, repair or cover up areas where the cold air is leaking into your home.

This Charleston heating contractor also recommends inspecting room switches, outlets and light fixtures for drafts. Sometimes builders overcut the area for needed for the outlet and switch boxes leaving a gap. The faceplate may cover the gap, but it doesn’t prevent the draft from seeping through. Using a latex-based foam sealant, you can fill in the area around (not inside!) the box. Follow the manufacturers instructions for clean up. A foam faceplate cover is another relatively inexpensive way to add an extra layer of insulation.

Natural light is another way to increase the temperature in your home while decreasing your energy bill, as long as you have the right windows. Double-paned insulated glass windows are comprised of two glass panes filled with an invisible gas, usually argon, that helps restrict the flow of heat in and out of your home. With double-paned insulated glass you’ll be able to open your curtains and allow the natural light to heat up your home. On really cold days you won’t be able to exclusively rely on sunlight, but it will reduce the amount of furnace-generated heat you will need to use.

Finally, if our friend Phil is right and spring comes to Charleston early, don’t forget about your furnace. Heaters need year round maintenance so make sure you periodically turn yours on during the warmer seasons and wipe down the filters and ducts every few months. If you didn’t call a heating contractor at the beginning of the fall, call LimRic now and we’ll inspect your furnace and ensure it is in working order.

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