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3 Signs of an Air Conditioning Leak in Charleston, SC

July 12, 2016

The only water you want to see splashing around this summer is from your swimming pool. But if you start noticing it coming from your air conditioning, then you have an air conditioning leak in Charleston, SC that needs to be fixed immediately. Air conditioning leaks are often the result of leaking refrigerant or a clogged condenser line. Though your air conditioner may continue to work despite the leak, it can result in a drop in overall efficiency and cause water damage in your home. Refrigerant, in particular, can prove hazardous to your health.

When your air conditioning won’t stop leaking, refer to LimRic to fix that air conditioning leak in Charleston, SC in a hurry. A part of ensuring highly-efficient air conditioning is making sure every last issue with your system is fixed, no matter how small. But an air conditioning leak can grow from a small problem to a major one if you don’t call LimRic for help soon enough. Call us now and we’ll make those leaks a distant memory!

Common Warning Signs of an Air Conditioning Leak in Charleston, SC

On one hand, air conditioning leaks are fairly easy to identify provided the leak is severe enough. But for leaks that aren’t immediately visible, you may want to pay extra attention to the following:

  1. Reduced cooling capabilities. When your air conditioning experiences a leak, it’s not just reducing refrigerant. It’s decreasing your air conditioning’s abilities to provide you with cooling that exactly meets your needs. You may notice your air conditioner forcing itself to work harder and reduce its efficiency the longer it leaks.
  2. Ice formation. When your air conditioning is leaking refrigerant, ice formation in your system is much more likely to occur. Air conditioning will tend to overcompensate due to a lack of refrigerant and instead cool more than necessary, thus resulting in ice.
  3. Dampening walls and floors. If you leaks are not treated soon enough, you may notice your walls and floors dampening. Water damage can be costly, and you need to stop it in its earliest stages to avoid putting a massive dent in your savings.

Currently noticing any of these signs? Contact LimRic today if you are experiencing an air conditioning leak in Charleston, SC and we will repair your cooling system as soon as possible!

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